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Crosswords - Classic Rock Words

Welcome to ClassicRockWords Crossword Puzzles official website. Within our site you will find a unique collection of Classic Rock & Roll themed crossword puzzles. We have tried to keep within most of the basic rules and guidelines of standard puzzle creation. All puzzles are symmetrical in appearance and in a 15x15 format. Obscure and unrelated words are kept to a minimum. The artists and songs are by popular artists.  

Just as hearing a song for the first time in a long time, can bring back memories, it is our hope that you recall many a fond memory while solving  ClassicRockWords  puzzles. In most cases of the themed clues we have included the level attained in the charts and the year the music was released.


We have three free sample puzzles our site for you to try.  You can either solve them on-line or print them off to work on at your leisure.   All puzzles are in pdf format for ease in printing. If you enjoy the sample puzzles, we hope that you'll consider purchasing our Classic Rock Words Puzzles Volumes 1 through 6, each containing 25 unique and different puzzles that you can download and print immediately...  


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